I woke up very sick this morning and decided to stay home from church as to not pass it along to all the little kiddos. Tyler had to work in the morning and then came home and went to church. He got home and we slept until dinnertime. In the evening we started laying down all of the strips of paper into columns that represented the months. We first laid down any traditions that had to do with a time of year or certain day. We then evenly split up the recipes between the twelve months and the six siblings so that each month had an even amount of recipes from each of us, as well as types of recipes per month (i.e. a dessert, a main and a side). I then had a brilliant idea of giving each day in the book a holiday (any excuse to celebrate, right?). Tyler wasn't entirely sold on the idea, not to mention we were already putting ourselves behind with how detail-oriented we were being about the placement of each piece of advice. So picture us sitting on our couch at 10 pm, surrounded by a mine field of little papers, with two computers and many website tabs opened to find a legitimate holiday that falls on each day of the year. Let's just say we went to bed ever so late.

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