I worked my little tail off to get everything sent off at work before I left early for a four day weekend. Tyler and I met my dad at the airport for the greeting of the Cramer family. We took them to In-N-Out Burger and met my mom and Aubrey there for some late lunch/early dinner. After some spills and watching Tyler be so good to help Livy eat, we went back to Duncanville. Tiffany, Steve, Cody and Kylee left with my dad shortly after to go to a rodeo in Lehi. While they were gone I got to babysit this little Livy, who only wanted to sit with Tyler while he tried to study for a final. He eventually just rocked her to sleep. The rodeo clan game back and actually ended up going hiking. We helped put the kids to bed and then discussed the details for the family picture happening tomorrow.

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