Today was my first day on the job with the Utah Jazz. I was very nervous, but my nerves were calmed once I met the team and one of my fellow designers presented me with this. He got one for all the designers and was thoughtful enough to include me, although he apologized that he didn't know what superhero I liked. I told him it was perfect and realized that I was among nerdy designer friends. Unfortunately, I.T. was not my friend because they failed to tell anyone what the password was to my computer. Most of the morning I just sat at my desk, with the exception of a tiny tour: I now know where the bathrooms are and the location of the refrigerator. In the afternoon we went on a small field trip to Staples to buy me a chair and any other supplies I would need. I picked one out and they helped me bring it back. The rest of the day I built the chair (twice because I thought I was better than the instructions and clearly did it wrong) and waited for I.T. to arrive. Sadly, all that arrived by the end of the day was my telephone. Slowly but surely I'm beginning to have a cubicle.

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