Tonight was Stephanie's bridal shower hosted over at Becca's. I had a crock pot soup cooking all day over at my parents' house so that I could just pick it up there after work and head around the corner to Becca's parents' house. It was a lovely get-together filled with soups, treats, and people I haven't seen in ages. I also found out that my other friend Mandy will be getting engaged soon. Weddings are in the air! When I came home there was a big ol' package just inside the door: my Black Friday purchases have finally arrived! I tore open the box and gave a fashion show to Tyler: two sweaters, a cardigan, a vest, some boots, and this necklace, all for under $50. Thank you Forever 21 for having a sale on your already super marked off items. Case in point: this necklace cost me a mere $0.50.

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