Today we got up slightly earlier than usual in order to make it out to Kearns for Tyler's cousin Daphne’s missionary farewell. Oh my gosh, we were laughing so hard the whole time at everything. I think we had the sillies. Their program was so crazy, riddled with typos and crooked and weird all over the place. On the front was this hand-drawn sister missionary that literally looked like a thirteen-year-old had sketched it out. It was funny enough as it was, but it got downright hilarious when Jason drew a beard and tie on his copy, even going so far as to convert the Book of Mormon in her hand into a mustachioed head. Coupled with the crazy chorister, who I thought looked like she was casting a spell and Tyler thought looked like she was mending torn trousers, it was a funny funny sacrament meeting! There was a party afterwards at Russ and Colleen’s, of course, but we had to get back to nursery in our own ward. It was a bit of a shame, since all of the Lynch side was in town for once and Nana had even come up from Hurricane, but that's okay. We were so glad we headed back though; one of the other nursery leaders had texted us that morning and said she wasn't coming, so they really needed us, but it turned out being an easy day. I don’t know why all the kids were so calm or in such nice moods, but everyone smiled and shared and it was a real cinch.

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