I felt like the absolute worst last night; I cannot shake this cough, and with all the family things, holidays, and events, I haven't had a chance to bounce back. Late last night I decided to not go to work today and just take an unpaid vacation day since my benefits and paid time off haven't kicked in yet. I slept way in today and we took it easy. In the late afternoon we went to the mall for some jewelry shopping (I know, completely uncharacteristic of me) because Shubach Jeweler's sends us gift card mailers after we bought my wedding ring there. I ended up picking this necklace made with citrine semi-precious stones and the price was nice and cheap. We headed over to the Duncanville after because it's my mom's birthday today! My dad had an amazing idea to have Aubrey and I put together photo albums of our wedding days to give to my mom, which I think she really enjoyed. After gifts we played Tripoli with Aubrey and Jordan because that is my mom's absolute favorite game. Happy birthday Mom, we love you.

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