Tonight I had promised Sydney that I would help her make the trek to IKEA, buy things and then haul things into her new place. She needed someone to talk out her idea for a shelving unit in her second bedroom—so many options. On our way down to the warehouse to get said shelves we walked though the couch section and this beauty caught my very eye. How lovely is this orange couch? It stood out in such a welcoming way among the sea of neutral love seats. I wanted it so bad… one day, future house, one day. We bought shelves, hauled them to her apartment and then I received the grand tour. Once home, Aubrey and Jordan came over to discuss the details of their announcement and to give feedback on what I had already done. Thankfully she liked it, with just some minor tweaks here and there and a direction for the inserts. They're going to knock your socks off.

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