I didn't sleep well last night, mostly because I went to bed literally two hours before Tyler had to get up. I took my cat nap and then awoke with him to document his first real day on the job. Apparently last weekend was virtual clinicals and skills day, but today he gets to wear scrubs and everything. Can I just pause here to say that this is how Tyler always puts on his shoes: sitting on the coffee table—I love it—okay, un-pause. He has a sixteen-hour day ahead of him: 6-2:30 at the nursing job and then after that he is to go into his other job until late tonight—ugh. I went back to sleep after he left and plum forgot that my sister was in town from Sacramento with her little family. She called to remind me that I had previously agreed to babysit her two little male tykes at my parents' house. I slapped on some pants and made it just in time to relieve my sister of a screaming Charlie. I soon played trains, cars and instruments with Duncan as Charlie napped his little heart out. Soon their parents arrived and I made my way back home to prepare for my next task: helping Tyler's mom with Easter prep. Tyler had every intention of making it over to Lynchland, but was so exhausted (can you blame him?) that he just went home. I helped Suzanne make a lemon dessert delight and also had my hand in helping the family dye 90 hard boiled eggs. These guys don't mess around.

Side note: Tyler called his uncle today during his break to tell him that we were in and the conversation ended with Tyler's uncle planning to call him next week to arrange the details. Things are happening people.

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