Poor Jade—we realized yesterday she hasn't been fed in three weeks instead of her usual two. You could tell she was pretty hungry because she started bobbing her head in a getting-ready-to-bite fashion toward Tyler's hand as he was taking her out of her cage. He had to spray her with water like a naughty kitty while he transported her to her feeding bucket. I was trying to get a video of her snatching up her dinner since there are no known records of this in the Lynchland archives. As I moved my phone into position I pushed record right as she lunged for her dinner and latched onto my finger instead of her mouse meal. I yelped, cried, called her a bad name and looked down to see five beads of blood on my right index finger. The adrenaline was incredible—it was basically a cat scratch on the scale of pain, but my heart was racing and I was still trying to process the events that had transpired. She eventually got the mouse and we now have two videos to log away: Jade eating a mouse and Jade eating me.


  1. So where's the video of her eating you?? ;)

    1. I tried attaching it and it wouldn't allow me to :(

      I'll probably post it on facebook in the coming weeks.