Today was a much needed break. Sadly, Tyler had to go to his first clinical for his certified nursing assistant course and then straight to work for the rest of this day. I took this opportunity to do some cleaning: dusting, laundry, dishes, etc. The only problem with a whole day to myself and no real goals as to what needs to get done is that I become a bit ADD. First, I decided to clean off my old cell phone. It was the cell phone I had at the time Tyler and I dated. I took pictures of all of the texts I wanted to save and decided I would not bother photographing the pictures since I could just load them straight onto my computer. (Isn't this text the best? It's the first time we kissed; we're hilarious). I couldn't find the flash drive converter for the memory card in my phone. I searched high and low in the second bedroom (I swear I gave it a memorable spot from its spring clean last month) and ended up starting some side projects on my computer. Those led me to do some layout research in my graphic design books, which in turn—somehow—led me to try on old dresses I haven't worn in years and send pictures of me in them to Tyler as he worked late into the night. What a silly Saturday, but I'll take its laziness and all of its featherbrained chores over the week we've had.

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