Today was an amazing Saturday. It was the first Saturday in a long time that I had the whole day with Tyler. We started the day attending the Mount Timpanogos Temple with Nikki and Spencer. Tyler and I were given a special role in our session and it was quite the honor and experience. Once we finished we made our way down to the cafeteria (we always make it a point to eat in the cafeteria if the temple we are visiting has one). In the afternoon we traveled to my lovely cousin Alishia's house. She and her sisters threw their sister a 'baby' shower for the four-year-old she and her husband adopted this past December. We took a wonderful tour of Alishia's new home, and look how cute her little baby bump is. From there, Tyler and I went to the University Mall to look for/pick up skirts for Aubrey's wedding party. We strolled around there and made a stop into See's Candies (I've never been there; Tyler showed me his favorite chocolates and then we ended up buying a half a pound). Since I had already cheated a little here and there all day, we decided to get some yummy dinner at Cafe Rio. We spent the night in, eating, laughing and cleaning out our Hulu queue. I'm so proud of Tyler and all of the hard work he puts in, working nights and weekends, going to school full time, etc., but I am also so grateful I got to spend this entire day with him visiting family and reminiscing.


  1. Did you get new glasses?

    Yes, after reading about your lovely Saturday, THAT is the foremost question on my mind. :)

    1. Yes; read all about it: