Ah, my real birthday, for it has come and been a lovely one at that. Tyler woke up super early this morning and made me mint chocolate chip pancakes… wha? Yeah, you heard me. It was essentially cake for breakfast. We were up so early that I decided to open all my gifts. Tyler got me a book: Run Your Butt Off; two movies: Stardust (a movie we saw together from our very early friend years) and In Time (a movie we saw together from our very late engagement days); three letter-pressed prints: one of which is pictured above (old-fashioned radios piled high in mint ink) and two of these glow in the dark mini prints; a hot air balloon necklace that is coming in the mail and a doting little card that made me tear up, not to mention all that he has given me in the days leading up to this day. I wore my lovely maxi dress and we went to church. Nursery was hectic, but perfect. We got complimented on how great we are with the kids by one of the parents. I can't believe I get to build my life with this man. The day ended with dinner at my parents' house where my Grandma and Grandpa Bush partied with us, along with my adorable little sister's new man candy.

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