Remember that lovely-man-of-a-husband I am married to? Well he woke up extra early to make these 'firecrackers' for me. I rolled over and he was standing there with five of them, fresh out of the freezer. Tyler has been anticipating my birthday and I know he has a lot up his sleeve—so constantly being surprised will be no surprise. I started the day with these, what a delicious sugar high… sugar slam! Then he had a custom flower arrangement delivered to my work, with snap dragons and all. I was in the shower when he got home and soon he said we had visitors. I hurried on some clothes and came out to find Nikki and Spencer had brought my very favorite cheesecake that Tyler had them make. We then topped off the night dressing fancy and pigging out at Rodizio Grill. Can you even handle what will happen on my real birthday, let alone tomorrow?

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