This. This is the reason we came to the happy cow country: a wedding. Chadsen and Masumi are the cutest little couple—literally. I just want to put them in my pocket! Chadsen served with Tyler in Australia and invited us to their Temple sealing in the L.A. I was so honored, for I had never met either of them. They are both so kind and a delight to be around, it was a perfect day to be wed. Tyler gave me a birthday present early—a long and flowy maxi dress that made me feel so breezy—so I could wear it today. We stayed in our fancy threads from morn 'til dusk and it made everything we did seem that much fancier. The reception was in Chino Hills in a backyard that seemed to go on for days. I made Tyler pull over on the way home when I saw a random ferris wheel poking up above the buildings on route to the hotel. We had no cash, so we couldn't ride, but it was the adventure of it all that made it a story book ending to the day.

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  1. Where is this maxi dress? I wanna see!

    P.S. how are you collaging your pictures?