For Tyler's mom's birthday the family gave her a coupon stating we would clean out the basement. Seeing how that was back in March, this chore was long overdue. To add to the task of getting it organized, we needed to also dub it as a bedroom for Tyler's little brother's return from his mission. He has been having some health issues over in the Philippines and has been advised to come home after various tests and doctors failed to find what was wrong. I was completely excited to devote my day to this, for I like to think Tyler and I are organization masters, seeing how we've managed to utilize every bit of space in our tiny apartment without it looking like a jam packed u-haul. We lugged furniture to the curb, re-figured the layout, built furniture, organized shelves and birthed many great organization ideas. I should have taken a 'before' picture, but no worries, the 'after' picture is still just as rewarding.

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