I know that this looks like a lowly watermelon overflowing the top shelf of our refrigerator, but behold, it is not. This was the first surprise of the day from my Tyler husband. He had been hiding it somewhere in our house since he went grocery shopping on Thursday. We were doing some house work and I was a little hot; he told me I should drink some water and this was waiting for me. I was so surprised, for I have been wanting a seeded watermelon since March. We ate watermelon and watched LOST up until dinner at his parents'. My mother-in-law made the most impeccable Cafe Rio sweet pork salad—I was in heaven. His Mom and Dad got me a Ninja Professional Blender and a Crispy Corners Brownie Pan. His sister Nicole got me the coolest shoes that I have been coveting ever since we saw them on our shopping trip. His brother Matt sent me a hand written letter from the Philippines. The night was topped off with 24 Nothing Bundt Cake bundtinis. It really was a perfect day.

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  1. Uber envious of your crispy corners brownie pan. You'll have to let me know how that goes!!