As a graphic designer, I was in charge of all the Powerpoint changes that would be made during the rehearsals before the conference began—at least that's what I thought my job would be. I reported to the Events Coordinator and she handed me off to our corporate staging company. They brought me backstage, got my computer all plugged in, and handed me some headphones. Puzzled, I asked what they were for. They answered, as if I was the dumbest girl on the planet, I would be the one running the Powerpoints during the show. Oh. Well then. I had no idea. I put on my headphones and proceeded through the rehearsal thinking I could totally get used to this. I would have the presentation on my computer which would go to the projection guy in front of me which, then would be shown on screen to the people in the audience. I was back there with the teleprompter guy, the video guy and the camera coordinator. I loved every minute of it.

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