Today was a repeat of yesterday, all except I was able to squeeze a thirty-minute nap in before attending all the country festivities of the night. Everyone attending the conference, including employees, had a free meal ticket and waived entrance fee to the Wild Horse Saloon. My roommate Elli and I got there long after it had started—we were basically just there for the food. The place was crawling with silly horse statues… some of which were on the ceiling. Elli and another co-worker, Megan, and I were ready to leave after being there only for a short while. As we were about to exit it began to downpour a monsoon of wetness to flood the streets and clear the air. We waited for a good while before it cleared up and made our way to a homemade ice cream shop down the block that sported this lovely jar. Mmm Tennessee Fudge!

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