Tyler was still sick this morning, but that did not stop him from needing to go into work. I haven't been feeling too awesome myself: I am sure I have what people call a 'migraine' and I think I did something to my left thigh for I am having trouble walking. As I laid falling apart on the couch while Tyler worked, I indulged in a little bit of some Gossip Girl (don't judge). That night we received one of those calendars that the city lines with coupons to get you out and about to all the surrounding businesses. We already have one, so I ripped out all the coupons I wanted and tossed it. I was mostly excited because they all don't expire until next summer AND it had a billion coupons to the new grilled cheese restaurant up the way. Melty Way, the complete opposite effect on your body that Subway has (I'm sure). Nice tag line.

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