I don't know if you know this about me, but I completely adore birthdays… especially my own (but who doesn't?). It's not that I didn't doubt my co-workers—they usually go all out for any members of the marketing team when it is their birthday—I just thought they had plum forgotten. This was to be expected, because we had been at conference, and people were out of town after that week, including me. Imagine my giddiness when I came to work to find hundreds and thousands of these glitter rods sprinkled about my area and my desk covered in these pillow mints exclaiming bits of birthday delight. It's also a marketing team tradition to go to lunch wherever the birthday-er sees fit. I, of course, chose the Indian joint up the street that has the most amazing lunch buffet. I tried not to be a birthday-zilla about it, but if they really truly had forgotten, I may or may not have had a mini tantrum. A tantrum that only Tyler would have heard.  

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