Tyler was lovely enough to make me lunch and run it over to my work before he had to go into work himself; he makes the best egg salad avocado sandwiches. Work was a bit hectic, but we were both so ready for the weekend (even though we both had work off yesterday). We live for the days we get to spend together. Tonight we met for dinner at Panda Express with all those of Lynchland and finished the night off at Desert Star for The Lone Stranger show. It was quite hilarious, but my favorite part was when Tyler kifed the popcorn basket from the empty table next to us. They give you a complimentary basket at the beginning of the show, but by intermission there was still no one sitting at the neighboring table. He stood up, stretched, then swiftly swooped it up over the railing and onto the table for Nicole, Peter, and I. What a lovely boy I have.

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