Aren't clouds the best? They are by far one of my very favorite things in the whole world. It has always fascinated me that they are constantly moving and they'll never be the same again—they're like snowflakes, but on a much bigger scale for those of us who don't carry around a microscope in the freezing cold. Clouds are always the best on a road trip and while you're camping (let me just note here that clouds are also quite stunning from an airplane, but that usually costs way more money than a quick drive to the mountains). Guess what—that is exactly where I will be viewing them for the next three days. The Lynch extended family reunion/campout officially started today. I left work early to help Lynchland pack up both our car and theirs for the lovely drive up to Fish Lake. I can't wait for a fun weekend with all the little cousins, not to mention some much needed Brooke and Tyler time.

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