I hopped on a plane very early this morning, Milwaukee-bound for a business trip. Every summer my work has a conference for all of our representatives worldwide to attend for learning, perks, and shopping. I flew out earlier than a lot of my co-workers because, just like last year, I am backstage, working the presentations on the main stage. I had a brief layover in Colorado after spending the SLC to Denver flight sitting next to someone I have a lot of ties to (he married my oldest sister's best friend who grew up in my parents' neighborhood, and now he, with his wife and their family, live down the street from Tyler's parents; small world). We had a lot to talk about because we have such a strange and roundabout way of knowing each other. The flight to Milwaukee was a bit lonely—I did fly out with some co-workers, but they were all older men that didn't really know who I was, and to top it off they kept forgetting I was even traveling with them. We finally got to the hotel in the late afternoon where I settled in and took a quick nap. I worked the rest of the night on the presentations for the dress rehearsal in the morning, only breaking for a short stroll down the street to a pizza joint for some grub. When it came time to sleep, I couldn't. My roommate wouldn't be here until tomorrow night and I have a terrible time sleeping in a room by myself anymore, whether the lights are on or off. Not a good beginning to my week in Milwaukee.

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