On the fourth of July we slept WAY in and got ready for the patriotic day ahead. My parents picked us up and we made our way up to Clearfield to visit with my Bush grandparents. The Cramers met us there because they were coming from visiting Steve's grandparents in Orem. We had quite the feast of food and desserts. We then visited for a bit in my grandparents' backyard. Tiffany gave me these earrings because she had an extra pair from her mother-in-law. I don't usually wear silver or dangly earrings, but I do love them. The kids played tag with Tyler, weaving around the fruit trees with this brick red wall as a backdrop (these bricks always strike up plenty of memories of my grandparents' house and the many get-togethers we spent in their backyard). After our visit we drove back to Duncanville to lounge in the front yard, enjoying everyone else's aerial shows. My parents walked with the older kids to a neighbor's house for their show, but Tyler and I just stuck with Tiffany and Steve, visiting deep into the night. I can't believe they are leaving tomorrow; we've enjoyed soaking up their awesomeness for two weeks.

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