Happy Birthday to me. I slept oh so very in while Tyler went to work and got slightly puked on. I took a compensation day today so I didn't have to go to work (thankfully). One of my favorite traditions way back from when Tyler and I were very first dating is he buys me flowers and attaches a card that says " I know you hate flowers, but I hope you don't hate these." And of course, I don't, because they are from him. In the evening I opened presents and boy howdy did Tyler treat me well this year. Wrapped in brown paper bags—my very favorite—were mini Oreos in chocolate and vanilla flavors, three Shel Silverstein books (Tyler even found his one and only book that is in color; I didn't even know it existed), and Pitch Perfect and Wreck It Ralph DVDs. Then he gave me a little brown envelope that had triangle-shaped puzzle pieces inside, which formed the shape of a heart. The message on the back sent me on a short treasure hunt for my very last present: hightop wedge sneakers from Target. We then ordered Winger's take out—enough to feed the five thousand—and it was delicious to boot. Tonight, I started my Line-A-Day book so that it will conclude on my 30th birthday. That will be a great book to read when I am old. I love -a-day things so much. You know what else I love so much? Tyler. He does such a good job at making my birthday as special as a birthday should be. I'm so lucky.

P.S. This morning Tyler was emailed the confirmation of our Australian itinerary. I still cannot believe that we are going there in two weeks. Eek!

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