Today was the longest day ever, but I loved every minute of it. A couple of co-workers and I decided to take a day trip to Chicago since our plane wasn't leaving until 6 pm. We rented a car and hopped on the road for a three-hour stay in Chicago. We arrived and got straight to it: the Taste of Chicago was on its last day and we were there to be fed. You buy a sheet of tickets and walk up and down three closed streets lined with pop-up restaurants offering tastes of their food in exchange for tickets. We made our way through and tasted a whole slew of food: an official Chicago dog, a lamb burger, a bite of Adrienne's streusel, a nibble of Damian's garlic potatoes, a churro filled with vanilla cream, a lick of Damian's frozen fruit bar, and the rest of Caroline's chocolate-dipped banana. We then broke away from the packed streets for some sight-seeing: Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate (aka The Bean—shown above—where we took billions of photos), Crown Fountain where we cooled off for a bit, and the infamous lions outside of The Art Institute of Chicago. We then went back to The Taste of Chicago to finish using our tickets: watermelon Italian ice, a bite of Caroline's peach cobbler, a chunk of Adrienne's fudge, and then the cream of the crop: a rainbow ice cream waffle cone from the Original Rainbow Cone (orange sherbet ice cream stacked on pistachio ice cream stacked on New York vanilla with cherries and walnuts stacked on strawberry ice cream stacked on chocolate ice cream). It was so hot that I had to snarf it down right away before it liquefied, but it was so worth it. After we used all of our tickets, we made our way back to the car for the trek back to Milwaukee to fly home. The flight from Milwaukee to Denver was very rocky and shook some people, especially Sydney. She made the decision to get a hotel in Denver and ride the train home tomorrow. I couldn't blame her, especially since we landed in Denver right as we were supposed to be boarding our connecting flight. Maybe it was because of that, or maybe it was a combination of other things they weren't telling us, but our flight was delayed for another hour and a half, meaning we would land in SLC at 1 am. Awesome. Luckily Tyler was a super sport and picked me up in his Sunday best (I love me a man in a suit). After we got my luggage and Sydney's we made the short drive to the Dunkin' Donuts downtown for my very first birthday dessert as a 25-year-old. Good thing I'm not going to work tomorrow, eh?

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