Today was the last day that I will see Kevin before he leaves on his mission, for tomorrow morning I will be on an airplane for Milwaukee. We crammed everything in to accommodate the scenario/dilemma mentioned above. We celebrated my birthday early with Lynchland after church because Kevin won't be here for my real birthday. We ate my very favorite birthday meal (Cafe Rio sweet pork barbacoa salad), opened presents (some were just like Tyler's in that they were just little pictures because they haven't come in the mail yet) and had cake and ice cream. The gifts I got tangibly were a Joseph Joseph Rolling Pin, and a sort of baby Ninja, the perfect compliment to our Ninja blender. The paper presents were a car adapter/converter to listen to my iPod in the car, a coat rack, and Creationary. The night soon came to an end and I said one last goodbye to Kevin until I see him again in two years. Once home we wrote our first letters to Kevin so he has something to open when he enters the MTC this week. I always write a postcard to the missionary brothers on the back of a random photo from years passed.

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