We woke up to breakfast and fresh air, although that didn't last long. Soon the muffins were gone, and after a short walk down to the lake, it began to rain. We quickly made our camp waterproof and spent the afternoon under tarps preparing the amazing soup we had for dinner. Our family was in charge of the meal and might I say that we nailed it on the stew and cheesy potato soup served in bread bowls. After the rain let up and dinner was cleaned up it was my favorite camping activity of all: fire treats. Roasting marshmallows that will soon be squished between chocolate and graham crackers. Foil-wrapped bananas stuffed with chocolate chips and marshmallows and heated to a gooey perfection. And let's not forget the newcomer to the group: biscuits on a dowel. You take a dowel (obviously), wrap some biscuit dough around it, and smoke it 'til it's brown. You then take some honey butter and fill the hole left by the dowel and devour that lovely pastry. And yes, I know fully well how much of a sweet tooth I have. Why do you think I limit my camping to once a year?

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