Today was lovely and lazy. We spent the early evening over at Lynchland since we had spent the 4th over at Duncanville. We had a delicious steak dinner that was devoured with haste because both Tyler and Nicole had to go to work at 6 pm. While they were gone I played Nintendo with the brothers and was completely demolished at Double Dash (I guess my brother-in-laws have been going easy on me…). After doing so poorly that I was almost lapped a second time by Matt, I decided to bow out and let the masters hash it out. Soon it was dark, and even though Tyler wasn't quite home we decided to light up the explosives. The Lynch family has a tradition every year to take a whole case of those little snappers or poppers (the ones that come in sawdust and look like little white paper tadpoles) and create a speed bump out of them that spans the entire width of their street. It was quite hilarious to watch the cars drive over them and we even got some longboarders. Jason was our pyrotechnic tonight and I must admit he did a mighty fine job and managed not to hurt himself. Bravo Utah; thanks for making July that much more awesome by having another excuse to light 'em up.

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