This is Zach, one of my very good graphic design friends from when I lived in Provo (one of the five good things that came from living in that town). He is quite the fashionable specimen and was willing to lend a helping hand in giving me a bit of a wardrobe update for our upcoming Australia trip. He met me after work at the City Creek shopping center and we got right down to business. We scoured the racks for comfy clothes that were still chic enough to be in a billion photographs and meet loads of people in a country I've never been to. We went to both H&M and Forever 21 and I ended up with 3 maxi skirts in navy, olive, and black; 1 set of black leggings (yes I jumped on that bandwagon); 3 tops: one pocket tee and two striped; 1 black jacket with gold zippers; and to top it all off, the perfect bag to end all bags for my DSLR (shhh don't tell the handbag company where I work). Tyler met up with us after he finished up some homework and we shopped a bit for him as well, walking out with two hoodies that fit him like a glove (thank you H&M). Once all was said and done we treated Zachary to a meal at the Blue Lemon and it was delightful. Thanks Zach, you're so kind to take me under your fashion-forward wings.


  1. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! you're just the cutest. Also i'm pretty sure i met this cutie once! He was in the BFA class above me last year i'm pretty sure!

    1. Yes he was. I had lots of friends in the BFA program, but I didn't know any currently in the program to ask you about when I saw your BFA post (congrats by the way). And now that I've said that, the cat is out of the bag that I may have spent the last couple of hours blog stalking you. OOPS!