This morning I took work off so that we could go to the temple with the Picketts, as this was the only time we could go before we leave the country. I got to wear one of my new outfits from shopping (it was like getting new school clothes all over again; looking at them sitting pretty and new next to all of your old clothes, just begging to be worn) and Tyler wore his kangaroo pin. We are both so giddy with delight that we are leaving for Australia in just a couple of days. We are only semi-ready, with very little packing or planning under our belt, but we do have some things taken care of. (Did you know you could have the post office hold your mail for you up to 30 days and then have them deliver it all on a date of your choice? My husbandry is so smart for getting that taken care of.) Good-bye July, you flew by quickly; hello August, we can't wait to meet you! Also, I should note here that my oldest nephew turns eight today; I can't believe I have an eight-year-old nephew, can you?

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