We didn't get much sleep as we woke up with some errands to run before leaving today. We arrived with plenty of time at our gate and leisurely people-watched until it was time to board the plane. After handing our passports to the clerk and he asked us for our entry visas. We both looked at each other with confusion and Tyler responded that we were only going for holiday. Apparently we didn't do our research—it seems that, even with a passport, you need an entry visa to enter the country. We asked what needed to be done and he told us it could be done online. He said he thought it was a fairly quick process and sent us away with a twenty-minute boarding deadline to scramble on our computer for approval. As the website gave us more trouble than our anxiety could handle, he called us over to tell us that since we had a layover in L.A. we would be allowed to board the plane, as long as we had our entry visas before boarding our connecting flight to Australia (talk about a race to the finish).

On the plane, we saw that there was in-flight wi-fi and we paid the $3 for a thirty-minute session. We managed to get the confirmation email in the air and sighed with relief knowing that we would be landing with everything in order. Since we had already purchased wi-fi, we decided to order from our very favorite Californian restaurant, Baby Blues BBQ. When we landed we had to trek clear over to the opposite end of the monstrous LAX. As we walked outside, passing each terminal one by one, Tyler turned to me and asked if I had handed him two boarding passes or only one. I had handed them both to him a ways back because it was windy and I didn't want them to blow away, but one of them was now MIA. Tyler ran all the way back to where we had handed them off and had no luck. On his walk back to where I was waiting with the luggage, he noticed his boarding pass stuck under someone's luggage trolley and snatched it up. (At this point in the trip we were wondering if we were supposed to be going on this trip at all.) After dropping the boarding pass, Tyler put me in charge of all important documents for the remainder of the trip.

We finally reached Virgin Airlines where the check-in lady hooked us up with a sweet seating arrangement and we began our layover in L.A. We hopped in a taxi and made the drive to Baby Blues BBQ where our order was hot and ready to go with our arrival. We got back to the airport with two hours to spare and plopped down near ticketing and security to devour our feast. We had ordered everything under the sun and we got plenty of looks while we chomped on our corn on the cob and licked clean our baby back ribs. We cleaned up our picnic on the floor and sat in some chairs to let our stomachs digest a bit.

With forty-five minutes left until boarding, we still had their famous desserts to eat (key lime pie and banana pudding—Tyler hasn't found a banana pudding to compare and I feel the same about their pie.) After eating our shares of those smiling fruity treats, we went through security and twiddled our thumbs until boarding our 10:55 p.m. flight. When we were finally seated on the plane, people all around us were speaking with Aussie accents and it hit us: now, our holiday was real.

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