I had to wake up even earlier today for day two of shooting our upcoming winter catalogue. The first half of the day we spent up in Morgan, Utah, with a real live '57 Thunderbird, complete with robin's egg interior and the purest of white exterior. Again, it was hot, but we only shot for four hours and then had a four-hour break. We cleaned up part of the set and headed to a neighboring town for some country eats. Once we had our home cooked lunch it was onto the Morgan Municipal Airport to shoot with some authentic war planes that were quite a sight to see. We shot for four more hours and then made the long trek home. Tyler had a LASIK touch-up appointment in the morning that I had to miss, so luckily his mom was able to take him. His right eye has never been quite as clear as it should have been since his procedure, so they fixed him right up. I got home oh-so-very late and tried my hardest to stay awake to hang out with Tyler, but these last couple of days have just pooped me right out (which is a good thing, because I think it is slowly but surely getting rid of this wretched jet lag).

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