Virgin Australia sure knows how to treat their passengers; every seat had a dainty little pouch in the pocket of the seat in front of it. It had a sleeping mask, ear plugs, headphones, a mini pen, and an Australian postcard. When Tyler and I checked in before going to Baby Blues BBQ in L.A. the nice lady behind the desk told us that she could make our flight a little more comfortable. The flight was late in the evening and wasn't booked up; we had the aisle and the middle seat, but she informed us that she would change our seats to the window and aisle so that we would have all three to ourselves. We were ever so glad that she did—we tossed and turned a bit, but if we hadn't had that third seat, I'm sure it would have been much worse. We enjoyed the airplane food (that's right, I enjoyed it) and the movies (even though the headphones kept cutting out) as we waved goodbye to our Sunday spent in the air.

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