Today we slept in a bit and got up to finally take a shower (embarrassingly enough, it had been four calendar days between all of our travels). We hadn't had time for much trip planning before we got here, with our summer being so busy and not knowing for sure we were actually coming until three weeks before. We made lots of lists: things we wanted to buy, things we wanted to see, things we wanted to do, etc. We looked up the best prices, the best days to go, and talked to Shaunee during lunch to rule some things out and add some of her recommendations. We grouped things by how close together they were and made sure we went on the days they were open late (fun fact #1: everything here closes at 5:00). While Tyler researched, I photographed this beautiful house. The whole house is made of beautifully exposed brick with floor to ceiling windows and mini courtyards between all the large rooms. In the evening, after we had finalized the rest of our itinerary for the week, we made a McDonalds run. Apparently the "Macca's" here has Grade A Angus Beef and the burgers are to die for. We went through the drive through and it was quite comical going through it "backwards." (fun fact #2: when you order anything here, they don't ask what you'd like to drink; they automatically give you a Coke unless you specifically ask for something else). The burger was great and, shocker, we fell asleep before 8 p.m. again.


  1. Brooke, I gotta say, you did a great job on this photo! Excellent framing and use of lighting for effect.

    Tyler, the wives in both of our families are awesome photographers!

    1. Aw, thanks Chadsen! I didn't know Masumi did photography… how neat! I too love this photo; that house was perfectly filled with so much light—I was like a kid in a candy store.