We landed ever so early in the morning and were met by Shaunee after a long line through customs (and almost not making it to the toilets). She walked us to the parking lot where her dad, John, was waiting for us with his Jaguar. The weather is extremely perfect here compared to the hot humidity back in Utah, and the drive through the city and into the suburbs was amazing. Through the whole car ride to their house, the Baileys pointed out things to do, places to see, and plenty of things not to waste our money on. It was nice to relax in the back seat and have our unofficial tour guides lead the way. Soon we drove up to their amazing property, complete with a gate and beautifully manicured hedges. They helped us with our luggage into their home and gave us the grand tour. We were to sleep in the guest room and we had the main bathroom to ourselves. John has his own income tax business and moved the central office to their backyard. Shaunee works for him which means she rarely uses her car—of course that also meant she offered her car to us for use while we are here. For reals, these people are so unconditionally kind. We settled in and decided to go to the store for some groceries, because we didn't want to eat their food too. Our visit to the store was a glorious one. It took us a bit to find it and a spot to park, but Tyler managed with the whole driving on the opposite side of the car and road thing. We bought everything Australian, some things for breakfasts and some items for lunch. We came back to the house, made a pizza, and fell asleep around 6 pm. Jet lag… I had no idea you'd be such a beast.

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