Today I woke up extra early (which wasn't very hard—since being back from Australia even a full night's sleep feels like a short nap) for day one of our winter catalogue photo shoot. I am especially excited about the theme of this catalogue, for it is planes, trains, and automobiles. Today we were on set at the Union Station in Ogden, Utah. We shot all over the place: inside one of the medical cars, on the tracks, in front of the engines, the main station, and the back of the ticketing room. It was quite the romantic and moody shoot, even though it was bloody hot (I was missing the Aussie winter breeze more than ever). Every shot we took I got more and more excited about laying this out in a couple weeks. As much fun as these shoots are, that is definitely my favorite part. We had a company-wide meeting that we had to call into from our location. It sounds like they are making some changes, some for the better, but they'll be a difficult adjustment. In the evening, Tyler and I ventured to a couple of stores to catch up on all of the birthday gifts we've missed this year with the siblings and kiddos that live out of state. We figure since we are sending them packages of Australia goodies, why not include their extremely belated (or early) birthday presents?

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