I completely chunked it today. I woke up late (of course) and managed to make it into work at a reasonable hour. I mustered through work and went home to try and stay awake for our work party in the evening. My work makes an effort in the summer to do some sort of company party at a fun place in the state. Last year they took everyone to Lagoon and this year it was the Hoogle Zoo. Tyler had to work tonight, so I was flying solo. Sydney suggested we go together, so I planned on meeting up at her house a couple of hours after work. I tried to stay awake, but ended up falling asleep at my computer and missing her five phone calls, three texts, and one voicemail. I woke up and managed to read her text message stating that I had won an award at the party (for all my hard work at our summer conference) and wasn't there to receive it. I felt like a terrible employee and an ungrateful co-worker (thanks again Caroline for nominating me). I then texted Tyler to tell him the bittersweet news and soon he came though the door with this single flower he plucked on his way home. It completely cheered me up, and I am sure I am over-reacting, but I still felt like a chump. Here's to better days.

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