We had a rough time getting up this morning because we've finally adjusted to the new time zone and sunk back into our sleeping-in-selves. It doesn't help that church was at 9 a.m. and we are used to going to 1 p.m. church. It was a really great meeting; it was a missionary farewell for a young woman in the ward. Not many of the people that Tyler remembered were in the ward anymore, but there were some familiar faces. After church we went back to the Baileys' house to help prepare dinner. They were having their family over (Shaunee's sister and two brothers and their spouses and kids) for an authentic Aussie barbecue. They grilled beef, chicken, sausages, and lamb with the most lovely marinades you could think of. The potato salad was delicious too, and Shaunee's mom, Leslie, even made a quick bag of frozen vegetables because she thought all this meat wasn't very healthy, although they were mostly untouched. For dessert there were merengues, rice pudding, and trifle. We stuffed our faces flat and enjoyed the funny family dynamic that the Baileys have. They are noisy, silly, and fun to be around, and we have felt honored and humbled to be in their gracious company for this trip.

I cannot get over how quaint and lovely this church building is with the little courtyard entrance and shrubbery.

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