Today was amazing! We had no alarms, no work, and no grown-up things to do. Tyler played some much needed video games and he even let me play some. We then plucked away a little more at the Aussie goodie packages we're sending to my sisters and their families. We bought a whole bunch of little kid candies for our nieces and nephews. We wanted to gift them with these little jars we've been collecting (thank you Talenti and all your lovely flavors). We first wrapped them in paper, then I printed out each of their names and colored on the back of the printer paper with a pencil. Then I placed each name onto the paper covered jar and traced over the name on the printer paper. The graphite on the back of the paper transfers onto the paper wrapped around the jar. Lastly I took a Sharpie to the pencil-traced name and there you have it. Tyler had some Aussie stickers from way back on his mission that we decorated the rest of the jars with. I sure hope they like them.

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