Today we had planned to go to another art gallery and then to visit Surry Hills—a part of Sydney that used to be a bit ghetto, but was recently turned into a bunch of hipster shops and boutiques. We slept way too late, then the Baileys forgot to inform us that the cleaners were coming. They were cleaning all of the hallways outside our room, so we decided to wait a bit. Once they were gone from the hallways they moved their way into the bathroom, so we couldn't get ready. By the time they left, the weather had turned gloomy, dark, and grey, and we decided not to go out. I was okay to not go to the other gallery and I am sure that Surry Hills would have just been another 'Pitt Street Mall' in that it would have been very expensive. We settled instead on staying in for the rest of the day. Once we were ready, we had a snack of our mangos we had bought on Saturday at Parklea Markets. Tyler showed me the true way to eat a mango, you slice it into thirds, favoring the outer thirds. With the middle third, looking like a thick disc, you trim off the skin and eat it to the pit. The outer thirds you cut it into a grid without cutting the skin. Then you pop up the round bottom so that it fans out like so and then you eat each little square with delight. The rest of the night we just relaxed together. It was really nice to have a day to just take it easy, like a vacation from our vacation.

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