LATES 2012

Ah, New Year's Eve. Somehow we always have a party to go to (thanks Matt), and by always I mean last year and this year. We both had to work today; I only had to work a half day, so I met up with Stephanie for lunch at Saffron Valley (oh my yes, Indian buffet). We went out with a surefire bang with a midnight kiss and finishing with the ultimate white elephant—a silly string gun. Now, shall we highlight the year with some links? I think we shall:

Tyler got into a car accident, we both got food poisoning, and I suffered a seemingly endless slew of infections involving my kidneys and (randomly) my belly button. 2012 wasn't all the worst, though: Tyler graduated with his Associate's degree and got into the University of Utah, while I lost 50 pounds. I also got my ears pierced, Tyler got LASIK, we made it to our first wedding anniversary and bought our first Christmas tree. We got fancy iPhones, we cooked a lot (although some exploits turned out better than others), we watched all of LOST and we made some unexpected new friends. We travelled to Lake Powell, Los Angeles and Nashville (sans Tyler on that last one). We were called to our favorite calling ever, nursery, and we were in attendance for a momentous session of General Conference. We saw a friend ushered out of this life all too soon, but we also welcomed new life in the form of our new nephew. After enjoying 12.12.12 and surviving the supposed apocalypse of 12.21.12, we look forward to next year. 2012, you started out pretty jerky, but in the end you turned out alright, kid. Lates.

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