This morning we woke up to mounds of snow and a sad day ahead of us. In the morning, I drove over to Stephanie's house to practice 'Peace Be With You'; they wrangled a group of us from our high school madrigal group, Vocal Ensemble, to sing at Josh's funeral. It was good to see so many of my old singing buddies, it was just sad to see them under the circumstances and minus Josh. They had us wear red and provided red ribbons because that was Josh's favorite color. It was a very uplifting service: people spoke of his kindness, his chivalry, his selflessness and friendliness to all. Everyone was so positive and I was extremely impressed by how well his wife spoke; I would have been a rambling mess. In fact, I was: I bawled, a lot, but I also laughed and felt a reaffirmation of the gospel and that we truly can see our loved ones again.

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