This day was completely draining—definitely an emotional roller coaster. In the morning I went to H&M (my very first visit to one in Utah, even though I live two blocks away) with my co-worker to solve this wardrobe debacle for our photo shoot next week. I was home by noon and we did some chores. I ended up taking a nap, during so I heard the doorbell faintly, but drifted off to sleep. Once I awoke I found these paintings that I had purchased last month on our doorstep. They had even been hand delivered by my artsy friend herself (sorry I missed you, Natalie). WOOT! Do you love them?

Side bar: today a tragic event happened to a young man that both Tyler and I know. His family is in Tyler's parents' ward and I graduated with him in high school as well as sang in the Madrigals together. Here is the story of how he passed away by some local news stations here and here. We are both in a bit of shock, but are grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the promise that we will be with our loved ones once again. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and his wife.

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