There was an employee sale this morning and they sold some one-of-a-kind items. I got a sneak peek yesterday after work; there were three hard wallets that I wanted: a sage one, an orange and a purple. I couldn't decide, so I only had Tyler give me enough cash to buy two. I woke up super late for work, so I knew I was going to miss the sale. I got there and my lovely co-worker of a friend bought me this one. She said she couldn't remember which one I wanted, but I didn't care… she just made the choice for me. Booyah! Tonight, we went to Desert Star with the Lynches to see the last show of the season. After every show they read off names of people submitted by their families, those who have birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Tyler's family submitted our names and the cast had us get up and dance while everyone sang 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart'. It was awesome!

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