So, funny story today involving Tyler and I as nursery leaders and this white clock against cinder blocks. Nursery is roughly two hours, right? We usually have playtime for about an hour, then we clean up and have the lesson, singing time, snack time, coloring and then bubbles until the parents come to pick up their children. So we are in the midst of playtime and it feels like it has been dragging on forever. I mean, kids were throwing toys across the room, ripping toys from other kids' hands and being all around rowdy. Finally, it was time to clean up and get ready for the lesson. Just as the lesson was beginning, parents began sneaking in wondering why we were still in the thick of our usual routine. Long story short (too late), nobody changed the clock from daylight savings and none of the kids got snacks, water or a colored picture. We laughed all the rest of the day as we Skyped with my sisters and shared our hilarious event from the day.

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