One year ago today, I woke up giddy, excited and boiling over with anticipation to marry the man of my dreams. Today, I woke up getting a present from the man of my dreams and giving a present to the him as well. One year ago today, I shivered happily outside the Salt Lake Temple taking billions of pictures with my friends, family and my brand spankin' new husband. Today, I stayed in my pajamas way past noon and ate multiple slices of long-awaited strawberry bread. One year ago today, I ate lunch with Tyler among all of our close friends and family at Spaghetti Factory. Today, Tyler took me to his favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant (B&D Burger) for a mint oreo shake and the crispiest fries my tummy has ever had (after driving all over the valley trying to get my birth certificate in time for a new driver's license… fail). One year ago today, Tyler and I stood in a reception line for two hours straight with no food, cut our cake and left town into the night sky. Tonight, Tyler and I played nintendo, ordered pizza, downed Dr. Pepper and stayed up way too late for work tomorrow. Two of the best days of my life…

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