We slept in a bit this morning, but not too long because we had a pie to make. We got out the crust from last night and proceeded to make my sister Tiffany's famous sour cream apple pie per request from my sister-in-law, Nicole. We got arrived at Lynchland a little after noon and were immediately put to work to help make the pies that would contribute to the many pies that were already made. I made the rookie mistake this year of snacking WAY too much at the annual snack table set out in the living room complete with varieties of chips, dips, candies and our double-batched acorns totaling at seventy-two. By the time the actual feasting rolled around I only had room in my tummy for a few bites of the traditional Thanksgiving plate. We then lounged in the living room watching movies and TV episodes to let the food settle for pie. Poor Nicole was super sick with a migraine, couldn't keep much down and ended the night with a toothache; what a way to spend her favorite holiday. We made sure to save a slice of our pie for her because clearly we didn't have enough pie of our own. I ate myself sick due to everything BUT the actual Thanksgiving feast, but it was very worth it and nice to spend with family. Happy Thanks! (giving.)

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