Today was completely jam-packed and filled to the brim (if this were more than a photo-a-day there would be at least 10 photos above). We spent the morning decorating our big tree and little tree with matching red, green and gold decorations (photo #1). Then, we made a trip to H&M where the parking lot was filled with moronic drivers creating a traffic jam (photo #2). Our H&M trip involved returning some clothes from the photo shoot and finding a dress/skirt that would help out my outfit tonight. I tried on two dresses and went with dress number 1 for the win (photo #3). I also grabbed some party jewelry on the way out; two pairs of earrings and a necklace, for the double-win (photo #4 and #5)! You see, I needed a new dress to go with these glitter heels, significant because I bought them forever ago as an incentive to lose weight and I finally fit into them (photo #6), but I didn't own anything that paired well with them. We got home, packed and got ready for a weekend away in Park City; my company Christmas party was up in Deer Valley this year with a free night's stay in a neighboring lodge. We arrived to an impressive appetizer of cheese being held in a metal contraption by the open fire, melted onto a plate for filling with delicious cheese companions (photo #7). We sat by some great co-workers and I even got to see their new babies (photo #8). The actual main meal was amazing, and yes, I cheated for all that amazing food; it blew our minds (photo #9). To end the night they had dueling pianos that took requests with a dance floor and all (photo #10). So yeah, big day. If only days like today were spread out enough so I could fill other posts with more interesting photos as opposed to more boring days, like this.

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