Every year since December of 2010 my longtime friends and I have gone to breakfast at Kneaders on Christmas Eve morning. That didn't work out so well this week, so we rescheduled for this morning. Only Stephanie and Becca made it for some french toast and catching up, but it was still just as lovely. We got to talking some more and decided to make a trip to Target. Tyler, unfortunately, had to go into work today to make up some missed hours from this past week's events, so he went to work and we went to Target. I ended up finally getting a jewelry box and a sweater and I bought Tyler a game for his new 3DS. I also got a movie for $5… holla! After Target we had lunch at Cafe Rio while visiting some more (we had a lot of catching up to do). Once we finished, they dropped me off and I did some catching up on my own (it's been a long week), including a nap. Tyler got home around 7:30 and his longtime friend Ali came over for a visit while she is in town. We went to Pat's BBQ joint to have tons of meat and listen to a folk band (the BBQ didn't even hold a candle to Baby Blues BBQ, but it filled our tummies). We then came back to our apartment for more visiting, some warm homemade cider and finally turned in by 1 AM.

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